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  • 手ぬぐい&金バッチ

  • 手ぬぐい&銀バッチ

DJ後藤まりこの手ぬぐいと缶バッチのセットです。 【手ぬぐい】 薄い生地です。 縁起の良さそうな赤富士がモチーフ。 首に巻きやすいです。 濡れてもすぐ乾きます。銭湯にぴったり。 【手ぬぐい】 DJ後藤まりこの缶バッチです。 ホログラム加工のされたキラキラ大きめ缶バッチです。 サイズは76mmです。 金色と銀色の2種類です。 TENUGUI &Can badge. (This item is sold in a set.) 【TENUGUI】 Tenugui is a type of traditional Japanese towel! Both ends of the Japanese hand towel are drip-dry. Because the end isn't stitched, it dries quickly, it's hygienic and doesn't accumulate dirt and dust, and suits the hot and humid Japanese climate. In addition, because it doesn't have any stitching, when used tightly and drained off, it's convenient and easy to handle. A new hand towel becomes frayed at both ends at first, but settles down as you wash it several times, and it stops naturally about 1cm from the end. When it gets frayed through washing, please use scissors to cut the long threads that stick out. 【Can badge】 DJ510mariko big「Can badge」!! 「Can badge」 76mm. 「Can badge」is 2 colors →Gold or Silver!!!