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  • White【S】

  • White【L】

  • Charcoal【L】

【DJ後藤まりこTシャツ】 フロントに読めないDJ後藤まりこロゴ。 2018年にDJ後藤まりこの活動を始めて、最初に作ったグッズです。 在庫限りでソールドアウトです。 Size:S / M / L / XL Color:White / Charcoal <着丈> S:66cm / M:70cm / L:74cm / XL:78cm <身幅> S:44cm / M:47cm / L:50cm / XL:53cm It is DJ510mariko T-shirt. Very cool! The sale ends when all the stock is sold out!! The body color is White or Charcoal. (The actual product and the color may change depending on the LCD screen. Please understand.) <Total length> S:66cm / M:70cm / L:74cm / XL:78cm <Width> S:44cm / M:47cm / L:50cm / XL:53cm An extra shipping cost will be added. shopping charge(←postage) vary by country. Our shipping is only through EMS. We will not charge additional fee except for the shipping cost. Customs duties may be imposed. Tariff rate is usually deicided by each county and the amount varies according to the item. I cannot check all tariffs in all countries at my side. sorry.....!!!