DJ後藤まりこロンT (蛍光イエロー&紫)

DJ後藤まりこロンT (蛍光イエロー&紫)

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  • 蛍光イエロー【M】

  • 蛍光イエロー【XL】

  • 蛍光イエロー【XXL】

  • 紫【M】

  • 紫【L】

  • 紫【XL】

  • 紫【XXL】

長袖(パープル、グリーン) Size:M / L / XL / XXL Body Color:Purple / Safty green <着丈> M:73.5cm / L:75cm / XL:77cm / XXL:77.5cm <身幅> M:52cm / L:56cm / XL:61cm / XXL:64cm <袖丈> M:61.5cm / L:65.5cm / XL:65.5cm / XXL:66cm An extra shipping cost will be added. shopping charge(←postage) vary by country. Our shipping is only through EMS. We will not charge additional fee except for the shipping cost. Customs duties may be imposed. Tariff rate is usually deicided by each county and the amount varies according to the item. I cannot check all tariffs in all countries at my side. sorry.....!!!